Diffuse optical tomography to monitor neurological impact of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Mentor: Adam Eggebrecht, Assistant Professor of Radiology

Lab description: Our lab is a diverse and interdisciplinary group of physicists, engineers, and neuroscientists who closely collaborate with clinicians to develop and optimize optical imaging technology for human functional brain mapping. We aim to develop the technology, called high density diffuse optical tomography, for various applications from early childhood development and autism to bedside neuromonitoring infants with congenital heart disease during surgery and ECMO maintenance.

Project: This is a currently funded project where we are establishing feasibility for HD-DOT bedside neuromonitoring of infants with congenital heart disease who are undergoing ECMO. There are opportunities for HD-DOT system design and optimization, data collection, and data analyses. Spatial and temporal data on cerebral oxygenation and brain network functional connectivity will be related to concurrently recorded physiological parameters as well as other brain measurements (e.g., EEG, MRI, when available) and short term outcomes. This project is also being expanded to include data collection throughout the peri-operative course.