Imaging functional recovery after stroke

Mentor: Adam Bauer, Assistant Professor of Radiology, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Lab description: Two major themes running through our lab’s research are mapping functional brain organization in the mouse and examining how changes in local neural activity are related to corresponding changes in blood flow. We are very interested in mapping functional network connectivity in the mouse brain, and how those connections evolve in healthy mice and models of disease, in particular stroke. To help us answer our questions, we use the latest advances mouse genetics and optogenetic targeting strategies.


1) Mapping brain activity and behavior in mice following focal ischemia.
2) Using deep learning to characterize functional vs. compensatory recovery after stroke.

For either project, the student would be involved in experimental design, data collection (e.g. functional neuroimaging) and image analysis. Depending on interests, students would also be able to take on a larger role in hardware development and data processing/analysis.